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A place of hope, heart and help

We are a culturally diverse community of believers who seek to draw closer to Jesus, sharing Him with others so that all become His fully devoted followers.

Gathered Worship

You can book for live services at:

 Sunday 6 December Bookings

Christmas Services

Bookings for live services:

Christmas Eve 24 December 4:30pm

Christmas Eve 24 December 7:00pm

Christmas Day 25 December 9:00am

Online Worship

You can watch the video of our last service below or on on Youtube.

We will have each week's service online as soon as we can and by Monday morning at the latest.

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Find out what's going on (and coming up) in and around the St Mark's Community.

You can still contribute to God's ministry and mission through St Mark's, just click on the hand and we'll show you how!

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Our Story

Witnessing to Jesus, St Mark’s is a welcoming, grace based, prayerful community comprising various groups, where people deepen their knowledge and faith in God, grow relationships, and serve according to their gifts and passions.

Our life and worship is centered on the triune God, as revealed in scripture, and is welcoming and meaningful for children, young people and adults from richly diverse backgrounds, as we walk together in the love of Christ.


Our leadership team, ordained and lay, empowers us as a growing “program style” church developing the necessary structures, systems and strategies to continue God’s work of bringing hope, heart and help to God’s world.



Intergenerational Relationships: a place where people of all ages are valued and encouraged.

Purposeful Prayer: a place where we seek wisdom and guidance from God.

Child Friendly Ministry: a safe place where children are honoured, celebrated and mentored.

Empowering Leadership: a place where people are appreciated, equipped and encouraged.

Our Core Values

Welcoming Community: a place for everyone and everyone has a place.

Holistic Groups: a place where people can grow further in their faith.

God Centered Worship: a place where we meet Jesus.

Our Basic Beliefs


  •  Through grace, God comes to us in all our life circumstances.

  •  We believe scripture is our foundational authority for belief and action.

  •  God is creator who knows and nurtures all.

  •  We are put right with God through faith alone in Jesus.

  •  The Holy Spirit leads, empowers and sustains us in our discipleship.

  •  We all belong and have a role.

(07) 3349 9512

Contact us

We would love to get in contact with you, and support you however we can. Please complete this form and we will get in touch with you to see how our community can reach out and help you.

07 3349 9512

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