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You can watch a video of our last worship service on our home or online service pages.

The video of each Sunday will be available by Monday morning.

A word about offerings



Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support of St Marks over the past challenging months.

Returning to face to face worship is welcome and different as we understand the new normal.


One such change will be no collection plates but with a collection box for offerings. If possible please put in an envelope and mark it with the relevant service time :- 8, 9, 930 or 11. Envelopes will be near the box if required. This will assist the treasurer correctly maintaining the budget records.



St Marks thanks the many members who have given financially via REG or direct deposit internet banking. It would be very helpful instead of your name being the reference change it to 8am, 9am, 930am or 11am as this helps the treasurer immensely.


Mark Butler Chair

Essential jesus

Join us as we read about and discover more about Jesus. Our schedule for this week is:

Monday 10/8 - Saturday 15/8  The Early Church of Jesus p.138-144

UPDATING Members Contact Details

We need to renew our members' contact details. This may help make the return to worship smoother.

If you did not fill out a paper “household contact detail form” please fill in the details on the online form.


If you need help with the form, call the church office 3349  9512.

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Please note that there will not be congregational subsidies for Springboard

from the wider community...

From September 1 to October 4, Christians around the world celebrate Season of Creation. Queensland Churches Environment Network (QCEN) invite you to share creative works celebrating Creation. Creative works could include prayers, photos, videos, poems, short stories, drawings, paintings, art, music, - anything creative. More info at